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Cardboard USB Drive

Amazing concept invented by the Russian Studio  Art. Lebedev

Light Painting Wifi An excellent concept imagined by Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Martinussen exploring the invisible ground of the WiFi networks in urban spaces. The whole detected thanks to a photo technique of Light-Painting like to a 4 height meters stem, equipped with 80 points of light.

Lacoste Tribute

In the honor of the founder Rene Lacoste, the brand with the crocodile designed this collection “Tribute”. Each shoe of the series represents one of the victories of the tennis player in one of his tournaments of the Large Slam. A setting in scene and products with the neat design.

Live the language in Beijing

Live the language in Paris

Live the language in London

Live the language in Barcelona

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Wiz Khalifa - Wake Up
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Wiz Khalifa - Wake Up